Monday, September 5, 2011

Dave's Visit

Thus begins a recap of some of our summer guests and adventures!

Our first visitor this summer was Dave, Arden's godfather, all the way from Australia! As part of his round-the-world trip, Dave made a stopover in PEI for a few days back in June. Although he made Arden cry on his first day here (that face was just more scary than funny I guess), she soon warmed up to him and by the end of the visit they were great friends. 

Dessert made complete with Tim Tams!!

Enjoying the view at Greenwich

Arden loves being up on Daddy's shoulders

Beachcombing at Greenwich on a windy evening

Trying out Uncle Dave's shoulders

She's starting to warm up to him I think!

Feeling beachy

Waiting for fish and chips at Naufrage
Along the north shore
Somebody is getting sleepy...

Dave trying out a wooden kayak

All part of a visit with the Hudsons

Visiting with friends of the Hudsons in their dome cottage

A very expressive storytime!

Tea time

The farewell front porch picture!

Good friends by now

Arden and her crazy Uncle Dave

Thanks Dave for an unforgettable visit!


1 comment:

  1. Hmm, did I spot tim-tams of the double choc variety. Even better than the originals:)

    SOunds like you all had a lovely time.


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