Thursday, August 25, 2011

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We are in the midst of dining room renovation, thanks to my Newfie painting team, aka Granny and Aunt Alison! It's been a busy week. More renovation pics to come in a later post. But here is a bit of contentment for this past week.


Cat catching the morning sun


All the ladies! Thanks so much to Granny Raymer and Aunt Alison for all their hard work!


Arden, armed and dangerous with a paint stir stick! I think she's ready for her own extreme home makeover show :)


The current state of our dining room. Right now everything is white! It's rather jarring after living in such a dark room for over a year! But so much brighter. The trim has been painted in Mayonnaise (I think only 2/3 coats at this point), and the walls are awaiting plaster repair. There you can see our sample spots of Concord Ivory. The colour looks slightly different to me than what I had painted on a piece of board in last week's post, but different in a good way.

Next step: Me figuring out how to do a skim coat of mud over the really bad patches of wall, then more primer, then the colour! I can't wait till it's done...

round button chicken



  1. Goodness - I forget to mention the lovely kitty photo - very nice!

  2. Wow! That paint makes such a difference! Can't wait to see the finished room. :)

  3. Wow, the paint is really bringing your room to life.


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