Friday, July 15, 2011

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Another busy week, but I finally got my Royal Visit post up with pics of Will and Kate! Which is why this post is a day late :)


This week's pretty is brought to you by the Northwest Territories. This is the famously delicious cranberry cake and butter sauce which I was able to make with wild NWT cranberries - brought in ice from Fort Smith to Montreal, then stored in Aunt Karen's freezer for a time, then driven in ice to PEI, and waiting in my freezer for a special occasion. We had some special guests last week, so it was time to pull them out! The cake was heavenly - perfectly tart little berries, oozing with pure butter and sugar and cream . . .

... {sigh of utter satisfaction}


We have a little adventurer on our hands who loves nothing more than getting down on her hands and knees and exploring.

I wonder what she's after?


We went to the beach with some visiting family on Monday. Arden has slowly warmed up to the idea and experience of sand. Now she is eating it by the handful!

She is quite pleased with her little sand beard.


Besides the sand, Arden also loves to chew on rocks. No matter where we go, if there is a rock in sight, it is soon on its way to her mouth. See where she has already started on this one? If she's too quick for me, she starts chewing on them, and it makes the most dreadful grating noise!!

All part of exploring the world I guess!

round button chicken


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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. That cake looks delicious. Arden chewing stones made me laugh - Ginger does the same and we have the side of our backyard covered in them! You asked on my blog how old Ginger is - 15 months. In the last month we have had a lot of success reading lift-the-flap books to her; other books she loses interest in. Reading at morning tea works because she is busy eating and so doesn't run off.


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