Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lent and Giving

This year for Lent, I've decided to focus on very specific and (hopefully) attainable ways to mark the season. Sometimes I can overwhelm myself with trying to do too much, or giving up things that are too vague. So here is my little list for this year.

1. Giving something up (fasting) - coffee in the mornings

And by coffee in the mornings, I mean all coffee. Since Arden was born, I have limited myself to one cup a day, and oh how I enjoy that cup! But I would like to target my mornings during Lent. In giving up this little bit of sanity in a mug, I hope to find my sanity and morning renewal in God.

2. Giving myself to God (prayer) - 15 minutes of prayer in place of coffee

Focused prayer is something I struggle with. In starting my mornings with prayer, I'm hoping to develop a true habit of prayer that will last beyond Lent. And maybe jumpstart the morning routine I'm trying to put in place. Most of all, I want the presence of God to pervade my life.

3. Giving myself to others (almsgiving) - bake goodies to take to our 4 neighbours
We've briefly met 2 of our 4 immediate neighbours. But we would like to meet all of them and begin good neighbourly relations in our little community. What better way to make an introduction than with baking? I'm thinking of apple pies or bread.

How are you marking this Lenten season?


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