Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finding our Rhythm

With a new baby, in a new house, in a new province, it’s been a bit of a challenge settling into a routine that fits for us. But I’m really feeling the need to find our own rhythm to our days, and so to that end I am exploring ways to create a pace that is both peaceful and purposeful.

Seasonal Rhythm
Find a selection of books for each season (from our own collection and the library)
Create a nature shelf or display to bring the outdoors in
Buy seasonal food and make seasonal recipes

Weekly Rhythm
Plan and consolidate our trips into town
Bake our own bread
Library day
Trip to the pond

Daily Rhythm
Activities with Arden:
Enjoy music time through singing, dancing, or playing instruments
Explore the great outdoors in our own backyard
Read together
Pray together
Thankfulness journal at the end of the day


  1. Great lists! I recently saw the thankfulness journal idea as well and thought that would be really nice to do with the kids are bedtime.

  2. This is great Lindsey i should make some lists like that and I too love the thankfulness journal idea definitly going to immplement that one.


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