Thursday, May 13, 2010

guiding values

At last, our first house is on the horizon! Did I mention it's a little scary? But also exciting, in that laying-awake-at-night-thinking-up-bathroom-colours kind of way. I want our home to be beautiful, comfortable and inviting, in a way that reflects who we are and what we value.

In this whole buying and renovation process, it's easy to get carried away looking at new furniture and rows of paint chips, the Ikea catalogue, what's stylish now in decorating magazines, the latest and greatest in home comforts, and basically all the cool stuff we could buy if money were no object. Of course, money is an object. And there are other considerations I don't want to lose sight of.

Beyond picking a paint colour, I need to consider what values we're putting into our new home and our new life there. Some of these come from my own upbringing, my family environment, and things that I've admired in others. As Christians, we are also called to live a certain way, and I believe that extends to how we set up and manage our home. Here's a quick list of guiding values that come to mind:


And I know there will be little conflicts along the way. How do I balance a call to simple, economical living with the desire to fill my home with beautiful, nicely arranged things? How do I make a large space feel comfy and cozy? Do we make do with old furniture, or spend money on newer, good quality items? How can I open my home to others while maintaining a private refuge for our family? How can use our home in seeking and serving the kingdom of God and his righteousness?

Just some thoughts as May 28th gets closer . . .

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