Thursday, January 31, 2008

Learning to love in 2008

I gave up making new year's resolutions a number of years ago. As a teenager I relished the self-reflection and ambition of the whole process, and I regularly composed a page worth of resolutions (both serious and silly) to "better" myself in the coming year. I don't have anything against new year's resolutions, but for me the reflection became a little forced. It was arbitrary, instead of growing naturally out of my personal and spiritual development. Well this year, I do have something in mind!

I've decided that I'm going to try and do one loving thing for someone every day.

Some days this is easier than others, and not always because I don't feel like being loving (though I do have those days!) but because often I just don't think about it. Sure, I probably do many things throughout the day that may be considered in the realm of love, but I want to become more aware and more purposeful in my love. I'm still learning to love, to desire what is good for others, and engage my heart and will and actions in helping to bring that good about in their lives.

I think this will also be fun, because there are many creative ways to show love to those around me, family and strangers alike. Some ideas include: writing a letter to a faraway friend, helping with a task before being asked, giving my husband a shoulder rub or bringing him a coffee, giving some of my Tim Horton's money or food to a person on the street, taking the time to listen and talk to someone who is lonely, holding the door open for someone, letting someone go ahead of me in line or giving up my seat on the subway, sending a quick email of encouragement to a friend... love has no limits! The miracle of love is that its fullness can reside in the smallest of its acts.

This is one way I hope love will grow out of my life and fill our little home, and maybe a few others.

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